A new Amazon themed Land is proposed that will include:

  1. A new rollercoaster – guests will be propelled on a car through banks and turns before coming to a dead end on the track adjacent to a themed structure on the southern part of the site. The car will then be propelled along the same route back to the station located on the north east part of the site. A hard standing ride maintenance area is to be provided adjacent to the ride station.

  2. Two children’s rides – the exact details of the proposed children’s rides are to be confirmed but they will comprise two low-level rides similar in character to Seastorm and Jungle Bus currently at the Resort. 

  3. New Landscaping - to enhance the surrounding environment.

Proposed layout of new themed Amazon Land


Rollercoaster Ride Station

Maintenance Area

Plaza/Seating Area

Animal Feature

Children's Ride 2

Children's Ride 1

Plaza/Seating Area

View from within the site looking north towards the entrance to Amazon Land

View from within the site looking north towards the entrance to Amazon Land

View south east towards the themed feature, roller coaster and children’s ride (right)

View south east towards the themed feature, roller coaster and children’s ride (right)

View north east towards the proposed ride station

View north east towards the proposed ride station

Themed ride station passenger loading area

Station Interior-V2_EDIT.jpg

Children’s ride options – only two rides will be selected


The rollercoaster layout has been carefully designed to make the most of the change in levels on site, and minimise views, with higher coaster elements being located at lower levels of the site. The proposed layout ensures that the majority of the structure will be screened from external views by existing boundary trees and landscaping. Where there will be glimpses of the upper elements of track/theming they will be seen in the context of other existing rides and man-made features in the landscape.

The site is Previously Developed Land within the Green Belt and planning policy allows redevelopment and infill development where there is no greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt than existing development. A detailed study will be submitted with the application to demonstrate that the proposals will not adversely affect views or the openness of the Green Belt given the surrounding Theme Park development.

Views Key Plan

Views Key Plan

View 2.1 - A243/South of the Shy Horse Pub in winter


Croc Drop and Dragon Fury’s high points can just be seen along with the mobile mast on the nursery site. No other Chessington structures are visible


Coaster high points will break the skyline but the young clump of conifers in the foreground will obscure them in due course

View 2.2 - A243/BP Garage in winter


From this viewpoint the flagpole on Burnt Stub and the electricity pylon are visible as reference points


Most of the ride would be hidden by the Chessington shelterbelt and by closer planting and buildings

View 2.3 - A243/Malden Rushett in winter


The Croc Drop & Dragon's Fury high point can just be seen breaking the treeline in the centre of the shot. No other Chessington structures are visible.


The coaster high points will break the treeline but not by as much as the Mobile mast on the nursery site. The young foreground vegetation will remove this view in due course.

View 2.3A - A243/Nursery South in winter


No Chessington structures are visible from this viewpoint


The coaster high points will be concealed by the mature trees of the Chessington shelterbelt and so the ride will be completely hidden from this viewpoint


Visitor numbers to Chessington remain significantly below the peak that occurred in 1995. The graph demonstrates that visitor numbers fluctuate and that without investment in new rides visitor numbers will decline. Further, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse impact on visitor numbers at Chessington. The new themed Land will be part of the overall Chessington experience rather than generating visitor trips in its own right. Accounting for these factors, it is not anticipated that the proposals will generate a significant transport impact.

Visitor numbers to CWoAR

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Noise surveys have been undertaken and the nearest residential properties identified. Noise from the new rides is not anticipated to result in additional noise affects compared to the existing attractions. Indeed, new rides have smoother working parts than older rides and so the operational noise levels should be lower than other older rides.

Nearest Residential Properties Identified in Acoustic Report



Any tree loss at the site will be minimised. Where trees do need to be removed this will not affect existing landscaping screening of the important view lines to the south and south east of the site. Extensive thematic planting as part of the immersive Amazon theming will be provided within the site which will give a sense of intimacy to the area and add to the existing mature peripheral planting and landscape screening. Overall there will be a significant increase in trees as a result of the development.

View south towards the themed feature and children’s ride (right)

View south towards the themed feature and children’s ride (right).


Chessington considers sustainability as an integral part of its projects and the proposed new development will incorporate measures to include low carbon technologies (Air Source Heat Pumps) and source more sustainable materials where practical, as well as ensuring that lighting is energy efficient.