In 2016 Chessington presented its masterplan for a range of exciting new attractions. This included a proposal for a new family rollercoaster and other children’s rides at the ‘picnic field’ site on the southern part of the Resort (Site 7 on the masterplan). The masterplan received a high level of support.


The masterplan is being delivered. Developments have included the Go Ape high ropes course, glamping accommodation, partial retheming of Mystic East and the Dragon Falls ride to create Land of the Tiger and Tiger Rock, and improvements to the southern car park. In April the exciting drop tower - Croc Drop - opened.


Merlin remains committed to delivering a new family rollercoaster at the Resort and this exhibition provides more information on the emerging plans for the site.

Land of the Tiger and Tiger Rock at CWoA


  1. High ropes course at Sixty Acre Wood and reception building on neighbouring Land providing a café and education centre: opened 2016. (Landscape Option F).

  2. Glamping for up to 35 glamorous camping tents and associated facilities to the south-west of the Resort: opened 2016 (Development Site 2).

  3. Retheming of Mystic East and Dragon Falls ride to create Land of the Tiger and Tiger Rock (Development Site 5): opened 2018.

  4. Improvements to the southern car park (Development Option D): complete 2019.

  5. New drop tower ride: Croc Drop (Near to Development Site 5): opened 2021.

  6. Safari lodges at 22 Acre Field adjacent to the existing Safari Hotel and Zufari attraction approved by the Council in 2018 (Part of Development Site 1). 


  • Other south car park improvements, including surfacing the land to create suitable and permanent parking for day visitors (Development Option D).

  • Improvements to Leatherhead Road south car park access/exit (Development Option B).

  • Fairoak Lane junction improvements, to enable visitor access into the south car park (Development Option C).

  • North entrance access improvements (Development Option A).

  • Potential overspill car parking (Development Site 10).


  • Camping grounds (Development Site 10).

Container Box

Ownership Boundary

Major Development Site

Elmbridge/RBK Local

Authorities Boundary

Image of a Masterplan

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  • Additional new planting to supplement existing boundary planting (Landscape Option G). 

  • Sixty Acre Wood – encourage access to the woodland through promotion of new outdoor activities (Landscape Option F). 

  • Jubilee Wood – potential for habitat enhancements and drainage scheme to serve the south car park (Landscape Option E).


  • Re-use of existing building for potential soft play area/indoor trampolines/3D cinema linked to Safari Hotel use (Development Site 3).

  • Redevelopment of areas for new ride/animal attractions (Development Sites 4 and 5).

  • New family coaster ride (Development Site 7).

  • New animal enclosures (Development Site 10).

  • New visitor attraction to complement existing rides/attractions (Development Site 8).


  • New infrastructure hub, including storage and staff facilities relocated from elsewhere in the Resort (Development Site 6).

  • Redevelopment of existing building to provide new back-of-house support facilities (Development Site 8).

  • Staff building improvements (Development Site 9).